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Hello World Portlet example create and deploy

For different Portlet containers may be used various Eclipse plugins, but the overall process is the same.
Hello World Portlet example created in Eclipse wizard and deployed on Glassfish WebSpace server
Hello World Portlet example created in Eclipse wizard and deployed on BEA Portal server
Hello World Portlet configured on BEA Portal server

JSR 168 & JSR 286 - Pluto - Tomcat

A Portlet is a class that implements interface javax.portlet.Portlet. It is in some ways similar to a servlet. Will run on top of servlet engine (Tomcat) with portlet extension (fx. Pluto for Tomcat).

Portal fundamentally means a web application. Traditionally web applications (and not the container) needed to administrate interactions between its different components. A Portal container offers a number of services to provide possibility to build a larger application from smaller components (Portets). The technology is rather simple as it builds on old wellknown servlets standards.

Java Specification Request (JSR) 168 and subsequently (JSR) 286 are standards for how Java-based Web components (portlets) are administrated under a (portlet) container, which processes requests and generates a dynamic response.

Portaler uses portlets as pluggable user interface components to build up a presentation layer in information systems.

Pluto provides support for Portal standards by operating as an extension to the wellknown Tomcat servlet engine. In many contexts Pluto is used as a reference imlpementation for a JSR 168 container.

Other application servers by fx. BEA have defined additional (propritary) standards (Plumtree) for portal applications.

JSR 286

Java Specification Request (JSR) 286 is a succeeding standard released in its final form on 12th of June 2008.

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